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Yao women rice water recipe | The secret Chinese recipe for long, healthy hair

The real way to rinse hair with rice water | yao women rice water recipe

The Yao women of China have a long-standing tradition of using a yao women rice water recipe for their hair. This recipe involves boiling white rice in water and using the liquid as a hair rinse. This has been proven to help strengthen and thicken hair, as well as nourish and hydrate the scalp. Rice water is also believed to help promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

yao rice water recipe

yao rice water recipe is great for hair growth for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it helps to strengthen hair follicles, which in turn promotes healthy hair growth. In addition, rice water contains antioxidants and nutrients like vitamins.

yao women rice water recipe

yao rice water recipe has been used for centuries in Asia for hair growth and is now becoming popular all over the world. This natural remedy is easy to make and can be used on a regular basis to help grow your hair super fast.

Benefits of yao women rice water recipe for hair

Many personal experiences have proven the effectiveness and importance of rice water for hair and skin as well as the following are some of these benefits:

Accelerate hair growth:

the use of rice water helps to improve hair growth in various ways, as rice water helps to reduce hair loss as well as accelerate their growth, because it contains a large group of vitamins, including vitamin C and vitamin J.

Protect against hair damage and increase its softness:

washing the hair with rice water can help increase the health of hair in general, because rice water contains inositol, which helps protect the hair strands of the head and protect it from damage by increasing the smoothness and smoothness of the hair.

Strengthening hair roots:

rice water contains a percentage of amino acids important for hair growth, making its regular use Work to strengthen hair roots and increase hair density.

Some other benefits:

yao women rice water recipe for hair not only benefits but also works to repair brittle hair, treat dandruff, eliminate dandruff, as well as moisturize hair and give it shine and vitality.

Rice water is also used as a hair conditioner by adding a little rosemary oil and lavender oil in equal amounts and leaving it for 15 minutes and then washing off with water for the best result.

How to use yao women rice water recipe to lengthen hair

You can use yao rice water recipe to lengthen hair in the following way for a quick and guaranteed result:

First, the hair is washed with shampoo and conditioner suitable for the type of hair growth, then the hair is rinsed well with rice water prepared in advance in any way mentioned in the article earlier, and the scalp is massaged well, then leave rice water on the hair from five to fifteen minutes, and this method is repeated two to 3 times a week.

Treatment of alopecia using rice and sesame water

Rice water also treats alopecia, a condition in which the price is lost from some or all areas of the body, often resulting in bald spots on the scalp the size of a coin, and the following recipe may treat this disease:

Ingredients for the recipe: rice water ( it can be prepared in any form from us we explained in our article the previous one), a tablespoon of Sesame.

How to prepare the recipe:

The Sesame spoon is added to the rice water previously prepared, then put the mixture on the fire and leave it to boil, then the mixture is lifted and left to cool a little and applied to the hair, especially on the voids in the scalp, preferably repeating this method daily, as it helps in the germination of hair and the treatment of alopecia.

How to increase the benefits of rice water for hair

We can multiply the benefits that we can get from rice water for hair by adding green tea, so the well-known benefits of green tea are added to rice water as well.

You can also add a spoonful of lemon juice so that the mixture is also useful in getting rid of dandruff.

You can also add other oils such as rosemary oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, and many other oils, doubling the value and benefit of rice water.

Harm of Yao Women rice water recipe for hair

It is generally accepted that every substance that is used for hair growth or skin has benefits and harms, but with the right use, we can only get the benefits and avoid the damage of these substances.

With regard to rice water, the same rule applies as before, its correct use gives wonderful and beneficial results for hair and skin, but the wrong use does not give only some damage that may hurt the hair follicles, such as the presence of some accumulations on the hair so it is necessary to wash the hair well before using rice water on the hair and after using it as well, it is known that these accumulations are caused by not washing the hair well, and lead to harm the hair.

Important notes on the harm of rice water for hair

It is not recommended to keep Yao Women Rice Water Recipe in the refrigerator for more than a week, as this causes problems with the hair.

Note that the hair clumps and hardens when using fermented rice water after a period of preparation, so it is not recommended because it is harmful to the hair and leads to the presence of an unpleasant odor.

One of the most important benefits of rice water is moisturizing the hair, but in turn, this leads the hair to make them brittle and Tufts weak with frequent use, so it is advisable not to overuse it to avoid this problem.

It is good to continue and regularly use rice water for hair growth treatment for a period of not less than a month to ensure the desired result, but it is necessary to observe the proper use steps to avoid the damage of the substance and get the benefits only.

Experiments using rice water for hair

 There are many personal experiences that benefit the effectiveness of rice water for hair growth, including:

“Mu’min” recounts his experience with rice water for the treatment of alopecia he says: I was infected with alopecia in the scalp, I consulted a lot of doctors and followed a lot of types of treatment with chemicals that I did not regulate them, but my sister advised me to use rice water spray for a while and I began to find a really satisfactory result is wonderful.

“Mona,” says: my experience needed me the patience to see a satisfactory result, but I did not despair and I regularly prepare rice water twice a week to wash my hair is safe and worth the experience really.

As for “Masen” says: the summary of my experience with rice water is that it is very useful for hair growth is very safe in its use and the results appear after a while has loved and continued to use it for the hair of the head and chin also it gives the hair a wonderful shiny appearance.

Rice water is a natural product that is not really famous and is not known for its importance as other natural products, and we have learned in our article about the components of rice water and how to prepare it and how to use it, and the wonderful benefits for hair growth.

a summary

There are numerous recipes that are said to be beneficial for hair growth. One of the popular ones is the Yao Women Rice Water Recipe. This recipe requires boiling one cup of white rice in two cups of water and then straining it. It is then recommended to be used as a shampoo and rinsed out after a few minutes.

How to make rice water for extreme hair growth- Yao Rice Water Recipe

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