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Mix ginger clove, Indian secret to hair growth in 1 week

ginger clove for hair growth

ginger clove is two natural ingredients that have been traditionally used to promote hair growth. To make a hair growth elixir, add one teaspoon of ground ginger and four cloves to two cups of water. Simmer the mixture for ten minutes and then strain the liquid into a container. Let it cool before using it topically on the scalp.

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How to increase hair growth clove, ginger, long hair, stop hair loss treatment the fungus on the scalp and get rid of dandruff and quickly promotes hair growth and prevents premature graying It is the secret of Indian women to lengthen and thicken hair naturally.

How to grow long and thick hair with clove ginger


  • Cloves [clove powder]
  • Ginger 
  • Sweet almond oil

Clove grinding to obtain clove powder clove increases hair length and strengthens it nourishes the scalp and treats itching and dandruff increases hair density and treats baldness clove is an effective treatment for hair loss and delays baldness clove regenerates hair and prevents premature graying

Ingredient two: fresh ginger

Can cure baldness grows blanks and strengthens the scalp increases hair density ginger is an effective treatment for hair loss and treats scalp and dandruff problems After cleaning the ginger peel it.

This recipe is good to lengthen and intensify hair to soften and repair dry hair as it is a quick solution for hair loss and strengthens it using a grater, missionary ginger celebrates cloves of ground ginger and grated four teaspoons of grated ginger It can be replaced with dried ginger powder. 

Four teaspoons of pink powder mix carnations with ginger add a cup of sweet almond oil can be replaced by visit mustard or coconut oil mix the ingredients well-mixed cloves, ginger, and sweet almond oil.

Put the mixture on the fire until it boils cook over low heat, stirring occasionally until we get a homogeneous mixture of clove and ginger leave it to cool, and then filter pour it into a cloth colander to filter the pieces of ginger clove and ginger oil removes dandruff and prevents the appearance of early graying magic ginger clove oil is ready.

How to use clove and ginger for hair growth

We heat it in a hot water bath before use. Apply oil directly to the hair and scalp light massage with fingertips for five minutes left for at least an hour, covering the head with a plastic piece wash the hair thoroughly with water and shampoo apply this remedy twice a week.

 Benefits of clove and ginger oil for hair

  • Nourishes the scalp and treats itching and dandruff
  • Treats scalp problems, prevents graying, and increases hair density
  • Gives you long and thick hair like Indian hair
  • Won’t stop hair growth, and density and will not snow anymore.
  • Removes dandruff from the scalp germinates the hair back and fills the voids
  • Treats baldness, alopecia, and eczema of the scalp
  • Gives you long and thick hair like Indian hair
  • Suitable for women, men, and children
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  • And you figured out how to grow long, thick hair with clove and ginger.
a summary

Clove and ginger are two other natural ingredients that can be used to stimulate hair growth. To make a hair tonic with these ingredients, first, boil one cup of water in a pot. 

Then add two tablespoons of cloves and two tablespoons of fresh ginger. Simmer the mixture for five minutes and strain the liquid into a container

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