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How to remove yellowing of teeth – 5 Home Remedies

How to remove yellowing of teeth

To remove yellowing of teeth using some natural ingredients and methods that help to improve the color of teeth naturally and safely without having to use any unnatural ingredients.

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how to remove yellowing of teeth

Why do I suffer from yellowing of teeth? 

Of the most important factors that lead to yellowing of teeth is a genetic factor, where the outer layer of the teeth’ thick layer of enamel is thinner, resulting in yellowing, which affects the teeth. It is normal for a person’s teeth to become whiter with age, and it is a symptom of aging, due to the erosion of the enamel layer on the teeth. Many people resort to home remedies in an effort to get rid of the yellowing of teeth. But what are the most effective treatments? 
This article explores how to get rid of yellow teeth and looks at 5 treatments to try at home. We also include scientific studies that support each of the treatments.

Yellowing of teeth home remedies

It is possible to remove the Yellowing of teeth and whitening it of teeth through the use of some natural ingredients and methods that help to improve the color of teeth naturally and safely without the need to use any unnatural ingredients through the following paragraphs we learn in detail the most important natural ingredients, which have a role in improving the color of teeth and preventing Teeth.

whitening using charcoal

Coal (or charcoal) is considered to be the most important natural ingredient, which has a great role in improving safety and effectively the color of the teeth and not from the use of any danger to the health of the teeth and does not harm the body if placed in the mouth, and massage the teeth for about two minutes and using the brush we get the.

Teeth whitening with orange

Crusts for oranges are among the most ingredients and have an effective effect in the good cleaning of the teeth where this method is considered one of the best methods available and through which the lightening of the color of the teeth and complete prevention of any color of pigmentation, through the combination of all the previous ingredients we can get the best result.

Baking soda recipe to remove yellowing of the teeth

To remove the yellowing of teeth using baking soda is a more common way to whiten teeth we use baking soda with fillets of lemon juice and a little Colgate toothpaste.

Take a cup or a small bowl, add a few drops of lemon juice with half a teaspoon of bicarbonate or soda, and mix the ingredients well until you get a paste. Using a toothbrush or your finger, apply the paste to your teeth, leave it like this for at least 2-3 minutes to nappy the teeth from the tartar left behind, and get white teeth like pearls.

Teeth whitening using strawberries

Strawberry is one of the most prominent ingredients containing vitamin C, which helps to improve the natural color of the teeth constantly apply to this recipe, it promotes white color and reduces inflammation of the gums, and strengthens them.

Ginger recipe for removing yellowing of teeth 

To remove the yellowing of teeth using one of the most effective home remedies is fresh ginger. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that make the mouth healthy tissue. This is the basis of white teeth and a bright healthy smile.

Adding ground ginger to delicious ginger tea enhances anti-inflammatory properties, keeps teeth from tartar, and gives you white, pearl-like teeth.

Ginger root is also very useful for the Prevention of gum disease as it is a healing herb. Ginger can be used to remove yellowing teeth whitening permanently, especially if it is used with a file.

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