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Ginger Garlic: Only 2 Ingredients, Ginger And Garlic For Hair Growth

Ginger And Garlic For Hair Growth

Ginger and garlic for hair growth. What are natural ways to boost your hair growth? Find out how to make ginger and garlic for hair growth.


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India’s Best Organic Hair Growth Oil

The benefits of garlic for hair growth have been known for centuries. Today, science is finally catching up, and you can see for yourself how it can help your hair grow faster and stronger. 

This is the solution for baldness and lack of hair growth. It is a natural treatment, which is made with natural ingredients. This article will help you in understanding hair loss and baldness, how to grow hair at rocket speed, and treats baldness from the roots.

India’s Best Organic Hair Growth Oil

Organic Indian Hair Oil is a natural and pure hair oil. It grows hair at rocket speed and treats baldness from the first week, Contains ginger, which has various benefits for hair and scalp. The main ingredients in this oil are fresh ginger and garlic, which have been shown to nourish the skin and scalp by boosting blood circulation.

a new recipe that will double the growth of your hair to reduce or even stop hair loss and strengthen your hair all this with just three small ingredients you will see it’s very very very simple the ingredients normally are very easily found even in your kitchen the first ingredient is ginger.  
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Ginger And Garlic For Hair Growth 

Ginger and garlic oil for hair growth

Garlic and ginger are two of the most powerful ingredients for your hair growth in a rocket so ginger is a spice that will stimulate your scalp and soften it, and by irritating it a little you will actually allow the hair to grow with ginger, which stimulates hair growth to nourish it.   And you will see that it will grow faster, the first step is to take a piece of ginger plus or minus 5 cm, we will simply remove the skin and we will grate the ginger to get the grated ginger, and then I will take my second ingredient which is garlic

Garlic For Hair Growth

Garlic is known and recognized for its toning and stimulating virtues of the hair bulb it will allow one to grow hair much faster and stop hair loss. there is used for example in the Maghreb to grow hair and for gentlemen who sometimes have problems with alopecia, they lose their hair, and well it uses is directly on their scalp and it gives excellent results.   How To Make Ginger And Garlic For Hair Growth

I’m going to take three cloves of garlic which I’m also going to make with my previous mixture of grated ginger, garlic, and ginger.

It will improve blood circulation, strengthen the hair follicle and stimulate hair growth. It will act as a tonic and thus reduce hair loss. 

I will take a small glass jar and put the grated ginger and garlic mixture. Take any container as long as I can close it up. After that, I’ll put in the last ingredient, which is the oil. 

Here I use only olive oil. You can use whatever oil you want, for example, avocado oil if you have very dry and frizzy hair. 

You can also add a little castor oil if you want it to also stimulate hair growth if your scalp is very oily. I advise you to use jojoba oil, and after adding your oil in the equivalent of 50ml, you simply seal the jar and set it aside for at least 12 hours. 

You can leave it for 12 hours, 24 hours, or even three days on both sides. 

Then I’ll take a small container and I’ll take a little clean bottom obviously so I can filter my prep up to recover 12 hours after our mixture and I’ll simply filter it into detail on oil only I do this simply because as you can see there are small pieces.

and it’s not very clear to apply on hair so I prefer using No Residue No Cuts Oil directly on my scalp once the oil has filtered out.

How To Use Ginger And Garlic For Hair Growth

You have your oil ready to apply, it is very easy I advise you to use it on a dry scalp and not on wet hair. We will first apply it on the scalp level from the hairline which is the most important for this we will simply use our fingers. 

We’re going to bring back a little oil and we’re going to apply it directly to the scalp. I advise you to massage your scalp very well for two to three minutes, it is really ideal to stimulate and then massage gently, and then you can take a shower Cover and towel to keep it warm.

The heat will stimulate more of the products to work, so the action of the ingredients we used here to make this hair oil I advise you to keep this oil on the hair for one to two hours. You can keep it overnight if you wish.

You will simply shampoo as normal, and I recommend that you use cold water at the end to rinse your hair to loosen the scales and get shinier hair. I advise you to use this oil on your hair once or twice a week.

Get better results You need to know that ginger is a bit irritating as I told you at the beginning of the article so always do a little test to see if you can tolerate this oil.

If your scalp is not too irritated by the lotion I recommend you should test on a small area eg the back of your skull. Leave it if you see that after fifteen minutes it already starts to heat up very strongly and intolerably. It makes shampoo directly and I advise you not to use this recipe for your hair.

For example, you can eliminate ginger and garlic only. This recipe is clearly and equally applicable to men and women under 15 years of age. I advise you not to use it from 15 years old, but as I said always do a little test.

Does garlic have side effects on hair?

if the smell of garlic bothers you you can add two to three small drops of essential oil of lavender or peppermint in your oil mixture it will allow to have a good smell and it will also stimulate the growth of your hair but always do a test using essential oils it is important they are very effective but can be irritating for some people.

Organic Coconut Oil

Jojoba oil

Rosemary oil

Organic Castor Oil

Organic Nigella Oil


Laurel (Leaves)


The amazing combination of garlic and ginger has been used in a variety of dishes for centuries. It is not only a tasty addition to foods, but it also provides many impressive health benefits. For example, consuming garlic and ginger together can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, promote heart health, fight pathogens, and even boost memory and mood. Additionally, this combo is known to be powerful in helping to fight many forms of cancer, including lung cancer.

How To Make Ginger and Garlic Hair Oil At Home: For Hair Growth and Reduce Hair Fall

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