Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally With Potato Skins 🥔🥔

Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally With Potato Skins!

potato skins are the secret to to be rid of those pesky gray hairs that seem stubborn and impossible to remove? Well, you’re in luck! This article is going to show you how.

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Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally With Potato Skins!

Potato Skins are a natural trick to hide hair graying, instead of dyes that contain chemical quads that harm hair, and cause damage and dryness of hair, especially that potato peels contain the enzyme catecholase, which is used to add hair color instead of hair dye; so we collected for you in the following article How to hide white hair with potato peels with knowledge of the benefits of potatoes for hair and the causes of gray hair.

Causes of the appearance of gray hair

White hair is a sign of natural aging. It appears sporadically from the age of 30 years and sometimes earlier. Its appearance may also be related to factors other than age, such as heredity, stress, emotional trauma, among others.

White hair is the result of reduced melanin production in the hair follicle, and appears after the process of melanin synthesis by cells known as melanocytes (responsible for hair color and body hair on the skin). When melanin production stops, it is not replaced, and white hair appears. It appears most clearly on people with brown hair.

Melanin is a dark pigment that is transferred to keratinocytes, cells that make up 90% of skin cells. These cells are found in the follicles and produce hair. They are pigments that determine the color of the hair (by their number a person is blond-haired or dark-haired).

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Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally With Potato Skins!

potatoes skin recipe to hide gray hair

Potatoes, especially potato peels, are rich in essential nutrients (especially starch) and very useful for hair health. As a preventive remedy, potato peels help restore hair health, delay the appearance of white hair. The nutrients contained in potatoes (starch) often enter into the composition of many supplements to accelerate hair growth.

The starches found in vegetables are a natural dye and have been used as an alternative to fabric dye for many centuries, and experiments have also shown that potato peels are very effective in coloring white hair naturally when used regularly and continuously .

potatoes skin recipe for the treatment of gray hair

There are many natural ways to prevent or hide the appearance of white hair, without spending a lot of money and without using toxic products that change the quality of hair, and potato peelings are considered one of these ways by the following recipes:

The first recipe


  • A few potatoes.
  • Water.


  • Boil a couple of potatoes for 20 minutes .
  • Extract the peels from the potatoes and then place them in a blender ( the peels, not the potatoes themselves ) .
  • Wash your hair in the usual way, then apply potato peels to your hair afterwards .
  • Leave the potato peels on your hair for at least 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water .
  • Use a hair mask or hair conditioner to get rid of the smell of potato peels from your hair and scalp and you will get a great result in treating white hair.

The second recipe

Ingredients :

  • Peel 6 potatoes (the more you use potato peels, the stronger the solution ) .
  • Boiling water .
  • Essential oil (this step is optional ) .
  • Suitable strainer or a piece of gauze .
  • Clean bowl .


  • Add potato peels to help get rid of white hair to the pot of boiling water and let it boil for at least 25 minutes .
  • Turn off the bowl and leave to steep for another 15 minutes .
  • Filter the mixture with a suitable strainer or a piece of clean cloth .
  • Drain the liquid into a clean container and discard the potato peels.
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (this step is optional you can do without) .
  • Set aside the Potato Peel water to cool to room temperature before using it .

Benefits of Potato Skins for Gray Hair

Potato Skins is often known for its high content of carbohydrates and starch, and promotes hair growth; its nutrients help nourish the scalp, hair cells and follicles, helping to improve blood circulation and hair growth.

Potatoes also prevent hair loss and damage; its rich content of vitamin, vitamin and iron helps strengthen the strands and roots of hair and prevent hair loss.

Potatoes improve the health of the scalp, as it cleanses it of dirt, oil and dead cells, which treats some of its problems such as dandruff.

Potatoes give shine to hair, are also rich in various vitamins and minerals as well, and have various health benefits, such as:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc metal
  • Potassium mineral
  • Magnesium metal
  • Iron metal
  • Calcium mineral
  • Niacin metal
  • White hair care

Avoid using excessively hot water when washing hair, use lukewarm water instead to rinse.

Use shampoo and conditioner tailored to your hair type and check the quality of the products.

Be careful not to expose your hair to the chlorine in the pool water, and be sure to wear a rubber cap that prevents swimming water from reaching the hair.

Make sure to use the right serum for the hair, and take special care to moisturize it by means of nourishing mixtures.

Take care to moisturize and soften the hair, so as not to suffer from dryness. Hydration is achieved through the use of serums, moisturizers and conditioners all suitable for your hair type.

Avoid drying hair with traditional dryers such as hair dryer and hair dryer.

Be sure to comb the hair gently and carefully, avoid exposure to the sun for a long time and avoid chlorine-rich pool water.

Take care of nourishing hair through moisturizing mixtures, such as egg, avocado puree and coconut oil.

Avoid too much chlorine water in the pools, which specifically damages the hair.

Avoid excessively hot water, and replace it with lukewarm water for rinsing.

Avoid exposing the hair to the high heat emitted by hair straighteners specifically, and try to dry it in the first period in a natural way by wrapping it in a thick towel.

Beware of using commercial products that are not reliable, and replace them with reliable products that fit your hair and are recommended by beauty experts.

Provide your hair with proper and proper hydration by purchasing quality, chemical-free products, and using them at least once a week.

Style your hair neatly, by choosing the type of comb with spaced teeth so that your comb is wooden.

Reduce the use of high-temperature electrical tools that are harmful to your hair, as using them continuously leads to roughening your hair and making it dry, stripped of its softness and natural shine.

Dry your hair with cool air to reduce the damage that hot hair dryer air can cause, and if you have to use a sishwar, take care of choosing the right brush with wide and wide teeth, keeping the sishwar air out of your hair and moving the brush constantly without focusing heat on one area of your hair strand.

Do not use products that contain harsh chemicals on your hair such as sodium, ammonium sulfate and sulfates, they are harmful detergents; they damage and thin your hair, and this substance is often found in shampoos and hair dyes causing rough and dry hair.

Finally, with age in women the appearance of white hair is inevitable. Women usually complain about hair dyes, because their use may take a lot of time and money, and chemical dyes may destroy and damage the hair and scalp as well, so potato peels are a new trick and much less in cost than the use of chemical dyes as it is safe on the hair and scalp, and as we reviewed in the previous article How to dye white hair with potato peels, especially as we mentioned earlier, potato peels contain an enzyme called catecholase and this enzyme is used in cosmetics, and this enzyme helps to add color to the hair .

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